Founders Message

Rev. Fr. J.E. Arul Raj is the founder of DMI organization,
a global partnership of interdependent organisation committed to a common humanitarian vision and mission.

Hello Everyone,

I am very much excited and privileged to observe the growth and development of DMI in Africa since 2003 and in South Sudan since 2011. DMI has been at the fore front of delivering superlative performance. Our performance distinctiveness is uniquely defined by our work culture and everything we do. Our culture begins with our four values that drive everything we do - Trust, Integrity, Innovation and Involvement.

Since its existence in 2011, DMI has been committed to excellence in Social Work and Social Care to address development issues from a multi-disciplinary point of view in newly independent South Sudan.

The purpose of the existence of DMI could be described in three-folded: to promote human values and just social norms; to provide the best capacity building knowledge and skills to the poor and the needy; and to serve as a centre of information and excellence to achieve a quality of life.

We have been working with poor, marginalized, displaced, refugees and war victims’ people in two states namely Juba and Wau of South Sudan and reaching out to over 32,000 beneficiaries covering 87 communities in Juba and Wau regions. We partner with local NGOs, community based organizations and people's movements to collectively address poverty, inequality and injustice.

We pay special attention on the rights of the most marginalized communities: displaced and indigenous people; people living with chronic hunger; people whose land or livelihood is under threat; lactating mothers, malnourished women, children and youths. These groups face an acute lack of access to and control over resources, services, and institutions and our efforts are to equip them with knowledge about their rights and develop capacities in them to demand their constitutional rights.

On this podium, it is quite essential to owe our success to our esteemed beneficiaries for the trust and accepting and of course to my sisters and staff who have been the vertebral column of the leading periphery performance. Our continued great journey of over 7 years has been full of excitement, challenge and unmatched familiarity for creating a full-service integrated.

New concerns on human development, social dimensions of globalization, social security and insurance, gender, sustainability of natural resources, livelihoods also need some attention in the years ahead.

I sincerely acknowledge the contributions of sisters, staff, well-wishers and donors for their valuable contributions to DMI and to empower and provide a dignified life for our beneficiaries in the program land over the years.

I invite you all to join me to transform and change the life situation of the needy communities in South Sudan.

May God Bless You!

Rev. Fr. J.E. Arul Raj