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Flash News Welcome to Abba Father Mission - DMI South Sudan  ◊ 
alt text    I am delighted of DMI’s Africa mission contribution in reaching out to most vulnerable and deprived communities in South Sudan. DMI opted to work in South Sudan after witnessing the suffering of people and based on a detailed need assessment. “Loving God in serving the poor to be fully human and fully alive” the inspiring charism moves every member in the congregation. Through their earnest effort and consistent engagement with the marginalized community over the last three years, they have set strong ground and brought in visible impacts in the lives of target community. We faced several challenges, life threading and hostile environment but it is our commitment for the pro poor and God’s love has been inspiring us to continue our noble cause.

I appreciate the team endeavor in launching website to remain connected and grow as in professional institution to accelerate our contribution to the needy and downtrodden. God bless the sisters and staff who have dedicated themselves to serve the most neglected.

With prayerful regards Fr.J.E.Arul Raj